3 Ways to Protect Your Roof From Winter Damage

It’s that time of year again, where the temperatures are dropping and the snow is falling. While this is beautiful, if you own a home, you will want to protect your roof and home from winter damage. From adding insulation to removing snow, we will give you 3 ways to protect your home from mother nature this winter.

Remove Snow

protect your roof from winter damage snow removal

Depending on where you live, snow removal is a necessity to protect your roof. Most roofs can only tolerate up to four feet of snow before the roof becomes stressed. Stressed roofs can leak causing ceiling stains and warped walls. Raking your roof will help prevent ice dams as well.

Adding Insulation to Attic

insulating attic protect roof from winter damage

In order to protect your roof from winter damage, sometimes you have to start inside. By adding insulation to your attic, you can ensure that less heat is escaping. Snow melts quicker on a warm roof which may seem ideal until the house melts the snow in below zero weather and the melted snow freezes when it gets to the edge of the roof. This ice on the edge of the roof can cause the continuing melted snow to get trapped with nowhere to go and soak into your roof causing damage to the inside of your house as well as to the roof. This is known as an ice dam, and they can be very damaging to homes. Adding extra insulation will also save on heating bills.

Fall & Spring Maintenance

spring and fall maintenance protect roof from winter damage

Good roof protection in the winter starts in the fall and spring. You will want to inspect your roof for any damage. You will be looking for loose or missing shingles that have to be fixed. Having a professional roofing company come in and inspect your roof is a good idea if you have never done this before. You will also want to cut back any trees that are scraping the roof or will eventually do this to ensure that they do not damage your roof during winter storms. It is a good idea to clean out gutters to help prevent ice dams.

Protecting your roof from winter damage is a must for all homeowners. Call Smart Construction and Remodeling Inc for all of your roofing needs. We serve Minneapolis, St Paul, St Cloud, Shakopee, Edina, Inver Grove Heights, Bloomington, Blaine, Burnsville, Minnetonka, Apple Valley, Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, Plymouth, Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Elk River, Forest Lake, and Woodbury, MN areas with all roofing repairs and roof replacement.  Contact us at (612) 216-1186 to receive a free estimate.