As a home owner it is important that you work with a representative from Smart Construction who knows the ins and outs of the Insurance Industry. It is a constantly changing environment as you may be aware if you have been to a doctor’s office recently. At Smart Construction we look at storm damage to your home the same way a doctor looks at you when you are sick. In reality the Insurance Industry looks at your home the same way as well. There are many aspects of the process that we here at Smart Construction have learned and are continuing to keep up with. It can be invaluable to have one of our skilled representatives on your side.




  • STEP 1 Call 612-216-1186 to schedule a free no obligation inspection of your home. Or click here This first inspection by one of our trained representatives is made to determine if a call to your Insurance provider is warranted. This first inspection does not cost and in no way obligates you to anything. .

    If we determine that there is warranted damage, we will recommend that you call your Insurance provider to file a claim.

  • STEP 2 Inspections Your Insurance provider will schedule a visit with your representative from Smart Construction and an adjuster from your Insurance Company. A complete inspection of the exterior and interior will be made. Our representative will help with this inspection to ensure that no damage is overlooked and also to help determine the entire scope of the damage if the Insurance Company agrees that damage has occurred.
  • STEP 3 Repair process You will receive a loss claim along with a first check that you will use as a down payment so that the repairs may begin. This claim is usually extremely detailed and can sometimes be very difficult to understand. All damage and repairs are listed line item by line item showing the amount of damage and what the Insurance provider has determined the cost to make the repairs will be. It is important that Smart Construction representative has a copy of this report.

    Many Insurance adjusters do not have a complete understanding of what it will take to properly make the required repairs or what the local building codes are. They may even miss calculate the required amount of materials that will be required.

    At Smart Construction we are all involved as a team to make sure that all covered damage is properly assessed so that the proper amount of funds will be available to make your repairs. This is extremely important and our knowledge and good standing with the Insurance Industry is very important to you the home owner. Our representative will document via photos and drawings all of the required information for our production department. It is especially important that we note any concerns you may have about your property, landscaping, pets and neighbors so that our production team can complete your repairs in a safe and timely manner. .

  • STEP 4 Payments, warranties and Lien waivers At the start of the repairs Smart Construction will use the first check (ACV actual cash value) as a down payment. This usually will cover the cost of the materials. Once we have satisfactorily completed your repairs we will invoice your Insurance provider along with a copy of all required permits and other documentation. This will let them know that the repairs have been made by a qualified contractor. Your provider will then release funds still being held in reserve (they do this to encourage you to make the repairs) and when you receive these funds our representative will meet with you to close out your project and answer any questions you may have. Once your final payment has been received, you will be sent your warranty card and a waiver of liens for your property from Smart Construction.