What Gutters Do for Your Home

Gutters may be the unsung heroes of our homes.  What do gutters do for our homes? They protect our homes from one of nature’s most damaging forces, water.  Water can ruin everything! Homeowners that live in the Midwest are especially vulnerable to the damage of water with our harsh winter storms and as we have seen lately, tremendous amounts of rain.  The water from melting snow and excessive rain need to go somewhere, and gutters will take it away.

What do Gutters Do?

  •         Save exterior walls and siding from rotting.  Prevent staining to the exterior of the home and mitigate paint damage.
  •         Prevents soil erosion and damage to your landscaping.  This is very important because soil erosion can cause the foundation of your house to settle unevenly.  Uneven settling of the foundation can cause flooring issues, cracks in the walls, and the ceilings.
  •         Protects your driveway and sidewalks from damage due to water pooling.
  •         Prevent basements flooding.
  •         Prevents water damage to your roof, which causes rot, deterioration, or mold in shingles, soffit, fascia, and masonry.
  •         Prevents moisture in windows.


Gutters do all of these things by collecting stormwater that lands on the roof and directing it away from the house.  Water can rust metal, cause wood to swell and split, and gutters are there to stop water from damaging the structure of your home.  

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